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LMU Parking Authorization Form

Use this form to request verification of paid parking at LLS.  Do not use this form if you have not yet signed up for parking.  Use the ID Cards & Parking Form instead.

The information below will be used by LLS Campus Operations to verify that you have paid for parking at LLS. Once parking is verified, the information will be sent to the LMU parking office and added to their data base to allow you to park at LMU at no charge. The permit will be effective within 48 hours after the application is forwarded to LMU.  You will be sent a confirmation that your application was received by LLS Campus Operations along with a time stamp which indicates when it was forwarded to the LMU parking office.  

If your vehicle information changes, it is your responsibility to file another LMU parking application.  If you cancel your LLS parking, LMU will be notified and you will pay the daily rates as posted on their website:  A separate application must be filed for each of your vehicles.

Students:  This application will remain valid for the academic year, August -July.

Faculty & Staff:  This parking application is non-expiring or until you are no longer employed by LLS.

To return to the Campus Operations website, please click this link: Campus Operations

User Information
LLS Status
Where do you pay for parking?
Vehicle Information
Please read below and check this box to agree that you have read, understood, and agree to the information presented on this form.

I understand that by submitting this form, I attest that I have paid for parking at LMU Loyola Law School and am elligible for dual parking at both campuses.

I understand that LMU uses license plates as "virtual" permits, and that there is no need to display anything on my vehicle other than my license plate.  I understand that it is necessary to park HEAD-IN, so my license plate may be read to validate parking privileges.

I understand that if I am a student or visiting scholar, I must renew this application each Fall semester.  I understand that if I am faculty, staff, or adjunct professor, this application is non-expiring until I no longer pay for parking or am no longer employed by LLS.

I agree to follow all parking rules for LMU's campuses.
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