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Early Decision Certification


An applicant to Loyola’s Early Decision program commits to matriculate to Loyola if admitted through this program. This program is only for those students who believe Loyola is the best fit and their number one law school choice. This program is not for students who would like to consider admission or financial aid offers from other schools. Once notified of their admission to Loyola, they agree to:

  1. immediately withdraw their other law school applications and refrain from initiating new law school applications 
  2. decline any acceptances they may have received prior to their admission to Loyola as an Early Decision candidate 
  3. submit their intent to register and seat deposit by the deadline indicated in their admission material

While awaiting a decision from Loyola, Early Decision candidates may apply to other schools but may not participate in any other early decision program. Early Decision candidates are evaluated under the same criteria as applicants who apply during the regular admissions cycle. Admission to Loyola is competitive and the Admissions Committee will consider Early Decision candidates’ enthusiasm and strong interest in attending Loyola.

Loyola Law School reserves the right to revoke an admission offer if a candidate fails to comply with any of the instructions listed in this binding agreement. At the Dean’s or Admissions Committee’s discretion, Loyola may also provide the names of applicants admitted through the Early Decision program to other schools as requested.

Early Decision candidates will be admitted, waitlisted or denied admission. Applicants who are waitlisted or denied can continue to consider other law schools, including initiating new additional or other applications to law schools if they desire. Applicants not admitted under this program are not bound by this agreement.

If after carefully reviewing this document, you would like to participate in this program, please print, sign and submit this statement and all required application materials by December 1, 2022. Early Decision candidates must take the LSAT no later than November 2022. Decision notifications will be mailed by December 31, 2022.

I certify that I have read and understand the stated policies and practices that govern Loyola Law School’s binding Early Decision program. Loyola is my first choice and if admitted under this program, I will matriculate to Loyola in Fall 2023. Once receiving notification of my admission, I agree to withdraw all my applications to other law schools, to decline any acceptances I may have received prior to my admission to this program and I will not initiate new applications to other law schools. I understand that violation of any of these terms can result in revocation of my admission offer to Loyola and notification to other law schools of my participation in this program.

Sign above

This is a binding agreement. Only sign and submit this statement if you understand and agree to the terms of this program. The deadline is December 1,2022 to submit this agreement (by email:, fax: 213-736-6523 or mail) and the application materials to complete your file. These materials must be received in the Admissions Office by this date not postmarked.